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About Vindkraft-Gruppen

Our vision

Vindkraft-Gruppen aims to provide an integrated range of services for the development and management of wind power production facilities ― from prefeasibility studies and project development to ROI analysis, realisation and ownership.


Vindkraft-Gruppen combines the specialist skills of Eric Paulsson and Gunnar Paulsson in project development / management tasks, focusing on approval processes, business development and financing ― areas in which we have together more than 50 years of experience as consultants and entrepreneurs.

Eric Paulsson

Engineering degree. Runs his own construction engineering business since 1984. Areas af activity: Project development and management, permission application processes.

Gunnar Paulsson

Civilekonom, PhD. Management consulting since 1981. Key areas of activity: Business development, economic analysis, financial advice.

Our services are provided by Eric's and Gunnar's existing companies ― Talenten AB (Finspång) and Vind Invest GmbH (Zuchwil, Switzerland) ― on a partnership basis.
Contact us

Eric Paulsson ― project development and realisation

Talenten AB, Södermalmsvägen 24, S-612 40 Finspång

Tel: 0122-109 88, Mobile: 070-677 17 40, E-mail

Gunnar Paulsson ― ownership, financing and partners

Vind Invest GmbH, Rainstrasse 35, CH-4528 Zuchwil (Switzerland)

Tel: +41-32-514 00 00, Mobile: +41-79-749 18 48, E-mail